Social Responsibility/Sponsorship

For the future development of Skating as a Sport and the sake of creating an even playground in the searching and tapping of the best talent from the grass-root level. We feel the need to give equal chances to the poor, whose talents are often cut-short due to the fact they can not access skating facilities out of financial constraints, it is for this reason  that we  request sponsors to join in charitable skating programs aimed at taking skating lessons to the less privileged members of the society. 

For any contribution, kindly send to: 

 Skate Dream Africa

Equity  Bank Acc No.0550260973025

Swift Code: EQBLKENA


Respect and Belonging

Skate Dream Africa will provide a safe and supporting inspiring training environment, where every young skater is treated with respect and valued in an environment of inclusion and acceptance regardless of color, tribe or origin.

This is inline with the traditional African Believe.

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Children & Exercise

Exercise in children improves motors skills and prevents childhood obesity.In-line skating sports helps children to be fit and prepares them for an active adulthood.When people practice, exercise on a regular basis during childhood and adolescence they are keener for exercise during adulthood living thus a longer healthier and happier life..A study by Dr.Carl Foster of the US Speed skating team showed thet inline skating is more beneficial than running and cycling for those whom want to burn calories and at the same time develop muscle tone.

Skating Lessons/Empowerment

To reach the level of excellence one needs to put in hard work with sincerity and dedication with ultimate goal of achievement in mind all the time. If one is sincere and dedicated with determined mind, the goal is not far away.This holds true athlete as well.

We encourage and empower our skaters enthusiastic to develop a well rounded healthy lifestyle a life long, passion for the game of skating, leadership and life skill and of course sense of social responsibility, environmental and financial management. Training will be part of our empowerment program.